Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

Human ingenuity: reimagining energy for our planet

We are an alliance of oil sands companies working with scientists, academics, and innovators to make Canadian energy part of a sustainable environment.

A catalyst for better environmental outcomes

From exciting new scientific discoveries to game-changing technologies (and everything in between), our focus is on innovation. Explore research, innovation opportunities and projects within our priority areas. Or, submit an idea for consideration.

What we're up to

Helping innovators access private funding

One of the more common challenges for early-stage technology companies is accessing funding at the right time in the technology…

Industry searches the world for solutions to sustainable development

When it comes to responsible development, Pathways Alliance members are always looking to up their game. They regularly search…

Pathways Alliance techno-assessment process showing some “cool” results

A Pathways Alliance techno-assessment process is helping an Ottawa start-up confirm some cool new research that shows Canada has…

Sharing ‘deep’ expertise on tailings management

Before a shovel ever hits the ground, oil sands operators begin planning for how they will successfully reclaim the landscape to…

No stone left unturned: Finding solutions to our Clay Challenge

The COSIA Tailings Clay Challenge is wickedly complex as it involves finding ways to remove suspended clay particles from…

New centre to advance hydrogen as clean fuel

Many people might be surprised to learn that Alberta is Canada’s largest commercial producer of hydrogen, a gas that’s in the…
pathways announcement


COSIA has joined with the Pathways to Net Zero Alliance and the Oil Sands Community Alliance into a single organization called Pathways Alliance. This will further amplify our collaborative efforts to advance responsible oil sands development. COSIA will drive innovation and technological development within the Pathways Alliance to lower emissions and drive other environmental improvements.

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COSIA Podcast: Innovative Minds

COSIA podcast featuring cleantech in the oil sands

Meet the next generation of oil sands innovators

Available on Spotify, Apple and Google 

COSIA’s podcasts celebrate the perspectives, passion and personalities of the next generation of scientists who are bringing clean tech innovation to the oil sands. They feature, for example, Marcius Extavour who headed up the NRG COSIA XPRIZE competition; two enthusiastic reclamation experts who are working hard to restore disturbed land to natural habitat; and a young conservationist who trekked 3,000 kilometres through the oil sands over many summers to study more than 4,000 butterflies.



Collaborate with us

Our Environmental Technology Assessment Portal (E-TAP) provides an effective means to tap into the global environmental sector for solutions to current and future technology gaps and opportunities. If you have a technology idea you would like to submit on a non-confidential basis to COSIA for consideration then we invite you to submit your idea. 

XPRIZE: Converting carbon into everyday products

The $20-million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE is a global competition to develop breakthrough technologies that will convert CO2 emissions into valuable products like building materials, alternative fuels and other items that we use every day.

A unique global alliance

Our membership is responsible for over 90 per cent of the oil sands produced in Canada. Our member companies have signed our Charter and support our vision

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