COSIA’s Performance Goals

COSIA’s Performance Goals are quantitative, time-bound innovation tools designed to enhance alignment and focus across COSIA member companies on the key deliverables they and their stakeholders believe have the greatest potential to support COSIA’s Aspirations.

COSIA’s first Performance Goals address water use at in situ and mining oil sands operations as well as operating footprint intensity on land.

It is important to stress Performance Goals reflect just one component of each Environmental Priority Area’s (EPA) project portfolio and complement the other COSIA work being conducted. They are one part of COSIA’s planning framework – an important component that will allow interested parties to see the collective progress of COSIA’s members.

Performance Goals are the mechanism member companies will use to measure and publically report their aggregate environmental performance across the oil sands region, on an annual basis.

The release of COSIA Performance Goals marks the realization of a commitment made at the launch of the organization in March 2012 to report publicly on its members’ efforts to accelerate the pace of environmental performance improvement through collaboration and innovation.

Performance Goals - Water Update: See how far we’ve come and how far is left to go.