2021 a year of momentum

Dec 01 2021

COSIA’s chief executive Wes Jickling looks back on the highlights of a standout year.

Turning tailings into a useful resource

Nov 24 2021

At Imperial’s Kearl mine, a key focus of tailings management is a thickener process that dewater fine tailings into a thicker stream, which can be dried and stored for future reclamation needs.

A day in the life: Wetlands researcher

Nov 23 2021

Michael Wendlandt spent the summer gathering wetland samples in the oil sands region as part of a field research team. He describes what a typical day in the field is like.

Transforming tailings water with coke

Nov 09 2021

Warren Zubot is leading the team behind an exciting innovation that’s targeting faster, more effective reclamation of tailings areas.

Mine water release 101: Everything you need to know

Nov 01 2021

COSIA sat down with Water Director John Brogly to find out more about mine water release, an important future step in the reclamation of oil sands mines.

The electrification of mining

Oct 25 2021

The next generation of mining technologies is revolutionizing oil sands mining operations, carrying the sector into the digital age. An array of innovation, everything from automated truck fleets to artificial intelligence, is significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, boosting safety and efficiency, and lowering operating costs across mine sites in Canada and around the world.

What you need to know about carbon capture

Oct 12 2021

If you are wondering what game changing innovations are driving down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and helping to turn the corner on climate change, look no farther than carbon capture and storage (CCS). This proven clean technology has been deployed in oil fields for decades and the industry has been a pioneer in its development.

Efficiency helps drive down emissions

Oct 04 2021

Addressing climate change is top of mind for Canada’s oil sands producers who are doubling down on their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and achieve sustainable development of this important global resource.