Helping innovators access private funding

Jul 17 2023

One of the more common challenges for early-stage technology companies is accessing funding at the right time in the technology development cycle. Often, external investment is required to advance the innovation to the next level.

Industry searches the world for solutions to sustainable development

Jun 26 2023

When it comes to responsible development, Pathways Alliance members are always looking to up their game. They regularly search for new technologies to tackle important oil sands industry challenges and find new ways to reduce emissions, restore the land and preserve biodiversity.  

Pathways Alliance techno-assessment process showing some “cool” results

Jun 13 2023

A Pathways Alliance techno-assessment process is helping an Ottawa start-up confirm some cool new research that shows Canada has an optimal climate to deploy a key technology in the fight against climate change.

Sharing ‘deep’ expertise on tailings management

Nov 22 2022

For more than 50 years, industry has been developing expertise in tailings management, and now those learnings have been reviewed and curated in the Deep Deposit Design Guide for Oil Sands Tailings, a best practice guide from COSIA.

No stone left unturned: Finding solutions to our Clay Challenge

Nov 07 2022

The COSIA Tailings Clay Challenge is wickedly complex as it involves finding ways to remove suspended clay particles from tailings. This step is a key requirement to dewatering these leftover mining materials, permanently storing the clays, and closing a mine at the end of its life.

New centre to advance hydrogen as clean fuel

Oct 28 2022

Many people might be surprised to learn that Alberta is Canada’s largest commercial producer of hydrogen, a gas that’s in the spotlight today as a source of clean, reliable and affordable energy. Experts say it has enormous potential to help Canada reduce carbon emissions and achieve the country’s climate goals of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Membrane innovation could be environmental gamechanger

Sep 26 2022

This high pressure, high temperature testing unit is one of the few membrane testing units in the world capable of working at temperatures as high as 120 degrees Celsius and pressure up to 6900 kPa.

Revolutionary technology could slash emissions

Sep 19 2022

Molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFCs) are one potential breakthrough technology. It’s anticipated they can reduce emissions by more than 70 per cent in oil sands operations.