Up and Coming Researcher Wins Vanier Award

Jul 01 2020
University of Alberta PhD student Heidi Cossey has received a number of academic and leadership awards over the years, but she says she was pleasantly surprised to be awarded a prestigious Vanier Scholarship.

Canada’s Billion Dollar Opportunity

Jun 22 2020

Carbon fibre touted as the next material of the future.

Innovative Collaboration…Now More Than Ever

Jun 08 2020

Throughout these enormous and ongoing challenges, Canada’s oil sands continue, as ever, working together on environmental technologies and improving environmental performance.

Measuring the Value of Innovation

May 25 2020

From the time COSIA was formed, we looked for ways to quantify the value of the member-driven innovation that was passing through our doors.

Oil Sands Monitoring Program 101

May 11 2020

The Oil Sands Monitoring (OSM) Program is North America’s largest environmental monitoring program. It uses data from 1,095 different sites.

Tailings 101: Understanding Tailings

Apr 06 2020

In Alberta, the oil sands industry is becoming a global leader in managing tailings ponds efficiently and returning tailings ponds to a boreal forest ecosystem faster.

The COSIA Innovation Model: Getting to Commercialization Faster

Mar 30 2020

Here’s how we use the COSIA innovation model to create a common understanding on the pathway of accelerating technology development.

World Water Day is on March 22

Mar 20 2020

An outstanding example of industry collaboration, the $140 million WTDC is the first demonstration site of its kind in Canada for technologies to be tested on a commercial scale.