COSIA Bingo - Tailings Management in the Oils Sands

Aug 10 2020

How much do you know about tailings and COSIA members' efforts on tailings management? Check out our bingo!

What is biodiversity and why does it matter?

Aug 03 2020

Biodiversity is the variety and number of living things that make up a healthy ecosystem. COSIA members and other oil sands operators are keenly focused on biodiversity.

Oil Sands 101: What’s Different About Alberta’s Oil Sands?

Jul 27 2020

The Government of Alberta requires companies to remediate and reclaim all disturbed land after the oil sands have been extracted by either through mining or in situ operations.

Why Do We Want to Conserve Peatlands?

Jul 13 2020

Dr. Bin Xu is a man with a mission. As a peatland ecologist, he wants to increase awareness of the importance of peatlands and wetland ecosystems in our environment.

Propelling start-ups to the finish line

Jul 06 2020

COSIA provides guidance on how to move a new technology through the formal gated stages of development. The outcome is a win-win for everyone involved.

COSIA Bingo - Land Reclamation in the Oil Sands

Jul 10 2020

If you're not familiar with all of the topics on land reclamation listed above, check out these innovative reclamation stories/initiatives: 

Up and Coming Researcher Wins Vanier Award

Jul 01 2020

University of Alberta PhD student Heidi Cossey has received a number of academic and leadership awards over the years, but she says she was pleasantly surprised to be awarded a prestigious Vanier Scholarship.

Canada’s Billion Dollar Opportunity

Jun 22 2020

Carbon fibre touted as the next material of the future.