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oil sands innovation success

Why do oil sands companies become a member of COSIA? The answer is simple. COSIA members are pursuing game changing innovation to drastically lower greenhouse gas emissions, significantly lower water use, minimize land disturbances and reclaim land faster in Alberta’s oil sands region.

COSIA is all about sharing expertise, resources, technologies and even intellectual property to go farther, faster in environmental performance. By collaborating through COSIA, members can leverage each other’s expertise and resources, lower the costs of research and development, and reduce the risk. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, but especially for the environment.

That’s because COSIA is a unique made-in-Canada way of advancing game changing clean technology solutions. Here’s how it works. COSIA actively solicits innovation proposals from the world’s top scientists, researchers, inventors and technologists. It mobilizes the world's best minds from across all industries and organizations to create breakthrough science and technologies for the oil sands and to solve some of industry’s biggest challenges. 

Members represent more than 90 per cent of oil sands production and since 2012, when COSIA was launched, they have developed more than 1,000 technologies to improve tailings management and reduce the impact of the industry on air, land and water. 

Canadian companies spend a total of $1.4 billion a year on clean technology investments with 75 per cent of that amount coming from the oil and gas industry. That makes it the largest spender on clean technology in Canada by far!

And there is a benefit for the planet too. Environmental challenges are not unique to the oil sands and many of the clean technologies that comes out of COSIA have the potential to benefit other industries and other parts of the world. 

Find out more about more about how COSIA helps companies drive clean tech innovation from James Agate, Reclamation Manager at Canadian Natural.

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