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‘These are unprecedented times’ is probably the understatement of the century. A global pandemic, social distancing measures ordered in most countries, and an oil price war to boot. We have seen governments, companies and households worldwide rapidly adjust and adapt. Canada’s oil sands have not been immune to these global challenges, and the industry has - and continues to - hunker down and weather these storms. Throughout these enormous and ongoing challenges, Canada’s oil sands continue, as ever, working together on environmental technologies and improving environmental performance. 

COSIA’s members – all competitors in Canada’s oil sands – are engaged in an innovation model that is unique in the world. Sharing intellectual property, technologies, and scientific and technical expertise with the objective to accelerate improvements in environmental performance, these Canadian competitors continue raising the bar on clean technology and open innovation. Their track record of clean tech innovation in environmental performance is measured in the billions. You can check it out here.

Despite the global pandemic and the sudden changes in most Canadians’ daily lives, climate change and the environment remain a priority in this country. There continue to be calls for significant reductions in GHG emissions. That’s as it should be; Canada and Canadians have always been global leaders in environmental stewardship. Canada’s oil sands are no different: we’re also targeting significant reductions in GHG emissions, and we believe that clean tech innovation and collaboration are absolutely necessary for Canada to reach these laudable goals. We can produce Canadian energy that is among the cleanest in the world.

We believe COSIA’s model will take us by the most direct and fastest route towards a sustainable lower carbon future. We are working on game-changing GHG technologies in clean energy – things like carbon capture, molten carbonate fuel cells and geothermal. These technologies and others are being investigated through a number of different COSIA projects.

Critics of Canada’s oil sands seem unaware of the progress the sector has made in its environmental performance and its ongoing leadership in clean tech innovation, which is unfortunate. I think most Canadians would be surprised and impressed by the scale and ingenuity of the environmental research and development underway in the oil sands. The lengths to which Canadian oil sands producers go to reduce GHG emissions and limit environmental impacts is impressive. 

We’d love to tell you our story of multiple competitors working together on a massive scale to develop and deploy clean technologies to lower Canadian emissions and protect the environment. 

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