Meet Our New Chief Executive



I’ve been ‘in the chair’ as the new Chief Executive of COSIA for about a month now. It has truly been a luxury to spend a month meeting and learning from the men and women that work so hard to make COSIA what it is.

In my view, COSIA is writing the book about a very Canadian approach to innovation. It’s all about the environment, and it’s all about working very closely together.

COSIA’s shareholders are eight large companies – all oil producers operating in the Canadian oil sands – that are sharing and working together in a way that is uncommon among major corporations and other industries anywhere in the world. Day in and day out, our members work jointly to develop new technologies that will accelerate and improve their environmental performance.

The driver behind COSIA and all this close collaboration is to move faster in improving our stewardship of the environment. By sharing and  leveraging each other’s technologies, scientific findings, and intellectual property, COSIA members are making very real progress in our environmental priority areas of land, water, tailings and greenhouse gases (GHGs).

From joint projects testing new tailings management technologies to working with university researchers on improving water treatment and stepping up land reclamation practices, Canadian oil sands companies are using science, technology and innovation to make significant environmental gains.

Spending the past month seeing and learning about the inner workings of COSIA and its unique approach to innovation has been exhilarating. Much has been accomplished by COSIA’s members but there is still work to be done together. There is more science to be shared and many stories still to be told about the Canadian innovation happening  in the oil sands.

I’m looking forward to the weeks and months ahead as COSIA continues to lead its very Canadian style of open innovation. Perhaps more so, I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of COSIA’s success stories, the progress we’ve made and where we are heading in the future.

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