Mythbusting: Land Environmental Priority Area

reclamation technology oil sands

Effective land management is important as the oil sands industry develops reliable, affordable energy to support Canadian and global energy needs. That means reducing the environmental footprint by taking steps to minimize disturbances and efficiently returning disturbed areas back to natural habitats and flourishing ecosystems. Active monitoring programs ensure these reclaimed areas remain sustainable. 

In 2020, there were 76 active Land projects underway through COSIA at a cost of $51 million. In all, since 2012, COSIA members have invested $174 million in 467 contributed land technologies. This innovation has helped reduce the operating footprint intensity of in situ (below ground) operations by 6 per cent since 2012. 

COSIA members have achieved these gains and more by: 
•    Making more efficient use of land to reduce the extent and duration of industrial footprints.
•    Accelerating reclamation efforts.
•    Reclaiming and restoring disturbed land in a timely manner.
•    Conserving biodiversity, including birds, mammals and fish with a focus on species of concern.

It's all about improving environmental performance in the oil sands to support sustainable development of Canada’s oil sands and economic growth.

Find out more in our 2020 Annual Report.

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