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If you tune into a podcast at some point in your day, you may be surprised to know you have lots of company. The latest statistics suggest that four in 10 Canadians listen to a podcast regularly, in fact Canada is one of the leading countries in podcast listenership. Now, you have another series to add to your “favourites” list, COSIA’s podcast series Innovative Minds, available on Spotify, Apple and Google.

Innovative Minds launched in late 2020 with Not Just Birdwatching, an interview with Ole Mrklas and Tyler Veness who steer COSIA’s Monitoring Priority Area and industry’s participation in one of Canada’s best kept secrets, the Oil Sands Monitoring Program, one of the largest and most comprehensive environmental monitoring programs in the world.

Now, with a growing number of episodes under our belt, COSIA’s podcasts celebrate the perspectives, passion and personalities of the next generation of scientists who are bringing clean tech innovation to the oil sands. They feature, for example, Marcius Extavour who headed up the NRG COSIA XPRIZE competition; two enthusiastic reclamation experts who are working hard to restore disturbed land to natural habitat; and a young conservationist who trekked 3,000 kilometres through the oil sands over many summers to study more than 4,000 butterflies.

As host Kerri Romanetz (COSIA’s Advisor, Communications and Engagement in her day job) explains, “We want to hear the unique stories and moments driving these innovators and put a personal face to their achievements. We also want to highlight novel clean technologies that many people may be surprised to know are improving environmental performance in the oil sands in a tangible way.” 

While our listeners may be invisible to us, there has been a lot of research carried out by podcast platforms on who tunes in to podcasts on a regular basis. Perhaps predictably, more than 80 per cent of listeners are under 55, but the older cohort is steadily increasing each year. Just over half of listeners are on their smartphones, but about one third listen through a laptop or desktop, and slightly more than 10 per cent tune in through their tablet. The majority use Apple and Spotify platforms, but enough use Google that we post Innovative Minds there too.

If you haven’t checked out COSIA’s podcast yet, use the links below to listen in. Suggestions for other podcast topics? Send us an email at info@cosia.ca.

Episode 1    Not Just Bird Watching (Spotify | Apple | Google)    
Episode 2    Vodka vs. Concrete (Spotify | Apple | Google)     
Episode 3    Approaching Zero Land Disturbance (Spotify | Apple | Google)  
Episode 4    Celebrating International Women and Girls in Science Day (Spotify | Apple | Google)  
Episode 5    Beyond Diversity: Celebrating Inclusion in Energy (Spotify | Apple | Google)  
Episode 6    The Butterfly Project: Transforming Northern Landscapes (Spotify | Apple | Google)  

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