Engaging with Innovators

Sep 28 2020

When you see an innovation opportunity on the COSIA website, you are looking at one of the most difficult challenges in our industry that even innovators with the most knowledge and expertise have been unable to solve to date. 

Propelling start-ups to the finish line

Jul 06 2020

COSIA provides guidance on how to move a new technology through the formal gated stages of development. The outcome is a win-win for everyone involved.

Canada’s Billion Dollar Opportunity

Jun 22 2020

Carbon fibre touted as the next material of the future.

Measuring the Value of Innovation

May 25 2020

From the time COSIA was formed, we looked for ways to quantify the value of the member-driven innovation that was passing through our doors.

The COSIA Innovation Model: Getting to Commercialization Faster

Mar 30 2020

Here’s how we use the COSIA innovation model to create a common understanding on the pathway of accelerating technology development.

Creating Community to Spark Innovation

Feb 24 2020

As COSIA looks to innovators to find solutions for technical challenges in the oil sands, we have explored various ways to create the collisions between key innovators that spark opportunities to collaborate on real world, practical solutions.

Innovation Road a Crooked Path

Dec 18 2019

By Peter Beaudoin, Senior Advisor, Strategy and Partnerships

Innovative Ideas and the Power of Open Sourcing

Dec 10 2019

By Peter Beaudoin, Senior Advisor, Strategy and Partnerships