No stone left unturned: Finding solutions to our Clay Challenge

Nov 07 2022

The COSIA Tailings Clay Challenge is wickedly complex as it involves finding ways to remove suspended clay particles from tailings. This step is a key requirement to dewatering these leftover mining materials, permanently storing the clays, and closing a mine at the end of its life.

Helping start-ups access field trial funding

Apr 20 2022

One way that COSIA supports start-up companies is by identifying opportunities for them in the innovation ecosystem – including helping them bridge funding gaps.

How COSIA helps start-ups access funding

Feb 01 2022

COSIA has been looking at how we can help start-ups find the resources they need to advance their technologies.

New program fast tracks innovator success

Sep 22 2021

COSIA’s new pilot program is designed to help innovators fast track technology development and reach pilot – the critical testing of new technology in the field – sooner.

Tune into Innovative Minds

Jun 07 2021

COSIA’s podcast series Innovative Minds is available on Spotify, Apple and Google.

Supporting early stage startups

May 31 2021

With finite resources, we asked ourselves at COSIA how we could best support these entrepreneurs to develop their technology to the point where we could adequately assess its commercial potential.

Not just for start-ups!

Feb 09 2021

Since COSIA’s inception, a key component of our strategy has been to identify clean technologies available from innovators, including start-up companies.

How technology scans work

Jan 26 2021

Technology scans allowed COSIA to pursue the most appropriate path with confidence that no relevant technologies had been overlooked.