Membrane innovation could be environmental gamechanger

Sep 26 2022

This high pressure, high temperature testing unit is one of the few membrane testing units in the world capable of working at temperatures as high as 120 degrees Celsius and pressure up to 6900 kPa.

Innovation on a Excel spreadsheet

May 03 2022

If there’s one perplexing problem for maintenance managers at in situ oil sands facilities, it’s the regular fouling of the once through steam generators (OTSGs) that provide steam for operations.

Investigating what’s natural and what’s not

Feb 23 2022

For the past seven years, the SWAMP team have been lending their expertise to a series of COSIA water projects in the lower Athabasca River watershed.

Decades of research paying off

Jan 25 2022

Syncrude Canada Ltd.’s Research and Development team delivers innovative solutions to oil sands industry issues – its work on water-capped tailings technology may be the team’s largest contribution yet. 

Modelling the impact of climate change

Dec 09 2021

COSIA asked Aquanty Inc. to conduct a water modelling study on the Athabasca River and its tributaries and look into the region’s climate future.

Transforming Tailings Water With Coke

Nov 09 2021

Warren Zubot is leading the team behind an exciting innovation that’s targeting faster, more effective reclamation of tailings areas.

Mine water release 101: Everything you need to know

Nov 01 2021

COSIA sat down with Water Director John Brogly to find out more about mine water release, an important future step in the reclamation of oil sands mines.

Top 10 Facts about Pit Lakes

Aug 31 2021

Oil sands pit lakes are the most studied and researched pit lakes in the world!