Pioneering Reclamation at Lake Miwasin

Sep 14 2020

Lake Miwasin (whose name means ‘nice’ or ‘beautiful’ in Cree) is a demonstration pit lake that is showing how pit lakes can be a safe and effective part of reclaiming a commercial mine site once the mine’s life is over.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation…

Sep 10 2020

Fasih joined the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) priority area team (remotely) where he helped to sort a vast database of GHG technology projects into useful categories, making the information easier to search.

Collaboration drives innovation success

Sep 08 2020

COSIA is all about sharing expertise, resources, technologies and even intellectual property to go farther, faster in environmental performance.

Creating Natural Habitat an Exacting Science

Sep 08 2020

Over the years, oil sands companies have become world experts at reclamation by developing novel ways to reclaim disturbed sites better and faster.

Boreal Forest 101: Five Facts

Sep 01 2020

Canada’s boreal forest Is the world's largest intact forest ecosystem. It stretches 5,000 kilometres from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, covering almost one third of the country.

Reclaiming Land the Best Possible Way

Aug 24 2020

Forest Restoration: 360° Virtual Tours and Silviculture Toolkit

What are Tailings?

Aug 17 2020

You may have heard of tailings, but where do they come from? How do they get to tailings ponds? And what happens to them after that? Let’s start with the facts.

COSIA Bingo - Tailings Management in the Oils Sands

Aug 10 2020

How much do you know about tailings and COSIA members' efforts on tailings management? Check out our bingo!