Steam additives: Do you have the right chemistry?

COSIA members are focused on driving sustainable development of the oil sands and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from all aspects of oil sands operations. The industry has committed to bringing emissions to net zero by 2050 in line with Canada’s climate goals.

One Innovation Opportunity COSIA members are progressing is steam additives for steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operations. We are looking for chemical suppliers to identify novel chemical additives to optimize thermal recovery by reducing the amount of steam required to produce a barrel of oil.

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Dmitry Bogatkov - Specialist Development Engineer - Technology - In Situ, Suncor
Javier Sanchez - Supervisor Technology, ConocoPhillips Canada 

Maybe YOU have the right Chemistry!

Steam Additives

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Why we focus on steam additives

The SAGD process is effective but energy intensive and produces a significant amount of GHG emissions.

Steam additives are chemical compounds that change the behaviour of the steam and oil in the reservoir to significantly reduce water and energy use, measured as steam to oil ratio.

Reducing this steam to oil ratio optimizes the thermal recovery process and reduces the amount of steam required to produce a barrel of oil.

About our Innovation Opportunity

COSIA has launched an Innovation Opportunity, Finding Steam Additives for SAGD Performance Improvement, to identify steam additives from chemical suppliers that will optimize thermal recovery under high temperature SAGD conditions. The goal of this opportunity is to identify potential steam additive candidates and evaluate them through a consistent laboratory screening process with the objective of understanding their benefits and whether they would be suitable for a field trial.

The steam additive can either be in development, or commercially available and currently in use in other industry sectors.

See the Innovation Opportunity Finding steam additives for SAGD performance improvement for a detailed description of the ask and the expected results. Information is also provided on what to include in your submission for consideration.

How to apply 

You can submit your idea through our Environmental Technology Assessment Portal (ETAP).

What to submit

We require sufficient non-confidential, non-proprietary information to properly evaluate your submission, but COSIA does not require confidential or proprietary information. However, you will need to include technical justification for your solution and its IP status. You’ll find detailed instructions for what information and documents to submit in the ETAP portal.

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Stephen Arseniuk
Director, Innovation+ and New Opportunities