Featured Innovation Opportunity: Online Water Hardness Analyzers

Online Water Hardness Analyzers: Do you have a solution to increase water recycling rates?

COSIA's Innovation Opportunities provide focused, actionable descriptions of the current state of opportunities related to environmental processes and impacts of the oil sands industry. Each represents a possibility that, if realized, would contribute towards the achievement of COSIA's environmental aspirations.

This Innovation Opportunity is looking to improve in situ process monitoring through the collaborative improvement/development of online analyzers, analytical techniques/best practices, and in situ laboratory analytical methods, with the goal of improving the stability, utilization of in situ produced water treatment facilities.

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Online Water Hardness Analyzers

Date: November 16, 2022
Time: 9 a.m. MT to 10 a.m. MT

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Chris Godwaldt - Sr. Technical Advisor, Water, COSIA
JC Bourgeois - Water Treatment Engineer, Canadian Natural
Tom Reinders - Technology Development Engineer, Canadian Natural

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Why Online Water Hardness Analyzers?

Current methods for hardness analysis of boiler feed water are ineffective. These include laboratory ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) Spectroscopy and colorimetric analysis. ICP requires up to 6 hours to receive results and considerable on-site resources, including a wet lab and technicians, while colorimetric analysis is often inaccurate due to the dissolved organics and residues in produced water generating a background colour which interferes with the colour changes that occur during titration. To-date, COSIA has not found an online hardness analyzer that has been able to work on our waters.

About our Innovation Opportunity

The COSIA Water Environmental Priority Area Steering Committee, and the Process Monitoring Working Group invites proposals for online water hardness analyzer technologies to detect total and dissolved hardness from Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) or Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) boiler feed water to improve the environmental performance of the oil sands. They are seeking improvements to existing techniques and laboratory-based analytical methods, which are often time-consuming and inhibit effective hardness measurement. Proposals based on work that is a proven concept are desired.

See the Innovation Opportunity Online Water Hardness Analyzers for a detailed description of the ask and the expected results. Information is also provided on what to include in your submission for consideration.

How to apply 

You can submit your idea through our Environmental Technology Assessment Portal (ETAP).

What to submit

We require sufficient non-confidential, non-proprietary information to properly evaluate your submission, but COSIA does not require confidential or proprietary information. However, you will need to include technical justification for your solution and its IP status. You’ll find detailed instructions for what information and documents to submit in the ETAP portal.

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