Greenhouse Gases Research

COSIA, its members and its associate members have invested considerable resources in academic literature research, laboratory research and environmental studies.

Greenhouse Gases

Hydrogen from Hydrogen Sulphide

Partners: Delude Consulting Inc.

Advanced Steam Generation: Technologies for Canadian Oil Sands

Partners: Gas Technology Institute, Nine Sigma

Scan and Evaluation of Natural Gas Decarbonization Technologies

Partners: Gas Technology Institute

Development of a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Reference (SAGD) Facility

Partners: Candor Engineering

Energy Efficiency Technology Scan for Oil Sands Activities

Partners: ENEA, COSIA

A Review of Natural Gas Decarbonisation Technology for Application in SAGD Steam Generation

Partners: Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (AITF)

Carbon Dioxide Conversion Technologies for Oil Sands Activities

Partners: ENEA, COSIA

Mining Hot Water Production Challenge


Oxygen Generation Technologies Review


Bitumen Beyond Combustion - Phase 2 Report

Partners: Alberta Innovates

Thermal In-Situ Energy Benchmarking Study Report


Ultra-Class Mine Haul Truck GHG Reduction Study


CO2 Gas Hydrate Storage Long Term Stability in Athabasca Region


Preliminary Assessment of Enhanced Geothermal Systems for Oil Sands Mining Operations