Greenhouse Gases Research

COSIA, its members and its associate members have invested considerable resources in academic literature research, laboratory research and environmental studies.

Greenhouse Gases

Hydrogen from Hydrogen Sulphide

Partners: Delude Consulting Inc.

Advanced Steam Generation: Technologies for Canadian Oil Sands

Partners: Gas Technology Institute, Nine Sigma

Scan and Evaluation of Natural Gas Decarbonization Technologies

Partners: Gas Technology Institute

Development of a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Reference (SAGD) Facility

Partners: Candor Engineering

Energy Efficiency Technology Scan for Oil Sands Activities

Partners: ENEA, COSIA

A Review of Natural Gas Decarbonisation Technology for Application in SAGD Steam Generation

Partners: Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (AITF)

Carbon Dioxide Conversion Technologies for Oil Sands Activities

Partners: ENEA, COSIA

Mining Hot Water Production Challenge


Oxygen Generation Technologies Review


Bitumen Beyond Combustion - Phase 2 Report

Partners: Alberta Innovates

Thermal In-Situ Energy Benchmarking Study Report


Ultra-Class Mine Haul Truck GHG Reduction Study


CO2 Gas Hydrate Storage Long Term Stability in Athabasca Region


Preliminary Assessment of Enhanced Geothermal Systems for Oil Sands Mining Operations


Material and Energy Balance for an Oil Sands Mining and Bitumen Extraction Reference Facility


Technology Assessment For Alternate Ore and Waste Haulage Technologies


Radial Thermal Conductivity Performance Evaluation of Vacuum Insulated Tubing


Technical and Market Assessment of Solid Carbon Products


Super Deep Geothermal Potential in the Oil Sands Regions of Alberta

Partners: GLJ Ltd.

Preliminary Techno-economic Review of Eavor-Loop™ Final Report

Partners: C-FER Technologies

Eavor-Loop™ Feasibility Study

Partners: Eavor Technologies Inc.

VIT Heat Transfer Modelling Final Report

Partners: Exceed (Canada) Oilfield Equipment Inc.

CO2 Sequestration in Depleted Gas Reservoir Final Report

Partners: Saskatchewan Research Council

H2 Enriched Natural Gas Study Final Report