Federal budget investment in clean resources and innovation shows commitment and confidence in Canada’s innovation leaders

CALGARY, AB (March 23, 2017) – Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) shares the Government of Canada’s commitment to the principles of reducing the environmental impact from our resource industry. Funding for clean resources and innovation identified in yesterday’s federal budget speaks to Canada’s commitment to finding solutions, faster, for reducing our environmental impact, and shows confidence in Canadians’ capabilities as innovation leaders.

The federal budget’s identification of funding for clean technology and innovation acknowledges Canada's resource innovators have the expertise, ability and potential to lead in this global space.

“Canadian industry knows how to build companies, evaluate the potential for success, and take the risks that bring innovative ideas to the world,” said Dan Wicklum, COSIA chief executive. “It is exciting to see investment in Canada's clean energy resource technology opportunities.”

By supporting those superclusters that have demonstrated strength in resource innovation, and focusing on highly innovative industries with high potential, this is investment that can lead to the creation of whole new industries that advance our economy at home and present opportunities for Canadian businesses abroad. This is an injection that will accelerate improvement in environmental performance and create opportunities for Canadians and Canadian businesses to participate in the global clean energy economy of the future.  



COSIA (Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance) is an alliance of Canada’s largest oil sands producers, representing 90 percent of production from the Canadian oil sands. Our vision is to enable responsible and sustainable development of Canada’s oil sands as a global energy source while delivering accelerated improvement in environmental performance through collaborative action and innovation in the areas of greenhouse gases, land, tailings and water. For more information, visit: www.cosia.ca and follow us on twitter @COSIA_ca.

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