GHG Environmental Priority Area Update

Carbon Capture and Storage

Shell has contributed their Quest Carbon Capture and Storage project to COSIA’s Greenhouse Gas EPA. The Quest project will capture and store one million tonnes of CO2per year from Shell’s Scotford Upgrader.

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Wayne Hillier

Wayne Hillier
Director, Greenhouse Gases (GHG) EPA

Since signing our Joint Venture Agreement in September of 2013 the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Environmental Priority Area (EPA) has made tremendous progress in understanding the technologies that are out there and prioritizing which ones we should be focusing on.

2014 has and will continue to be about developing and implementing the strategic plans for the GHG EPA. The first step was to identify our opportunity areas for in situ; energy efficiency, low/zero carbon fuels, carbon capture and utilization, and reducing steam demand for bitumen extraction. These will guide the types of projects we pursue going forward.

We also held a series of member workshops to gain a common and collective understanding of the work companies have done to date on in-scope activities related to GHG reductions. In March, we performed global scans of emission reduction technologies in the four opportunity areas. This gave us a snapshot of all the technologies applicable to oil sands in situ operations.

This process culminated in a two-day strategic planning workshop at the end of April. We took all this work and put it together to finalize our project priority list with our Steering Committee members. Learn more about that process in the article below.

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The companies can now use that priority list to look internally for Joint Industry Project (JIP) opportunities, which is the first step to getting those priority JIPs brought to the table. Then the “doing” can begin, which is the part the member companies are really looking forward to. Already, we are beginning to see member companies launching JIPs aligned with our priority gaps and opportunity areas.

Now we get to repeat the process for mining and then again for upgrading! More on that in Q3.

In other news COSIA’s GHG EPA sponsored ZERO 2014: A Conference for a Low-Carbon Future. The conference, hosted by the City of Edmonton and the Climate Change Emissions Corporation (CCEMC), took place April 15 to 17 and brought together forward-thinking municipalities and leaders from science, policy, clean technology, industry and government to discuss climate change. It was a great opportunity for us to share COSIA’s story and learn more about what other innovators are working on.