It’s all part of the plan

The months of April, May and June are a critical time for COSIA. During this period the Committees managing COSIA’s Environmental Priority Areas (EPAs) of Tailings, Water, Greenhouse Gases and Land hold their annual planning sessions. These meetings lie at the very heart of what COSIA is about. They provide a structured forum for our 13 member companies to get together in the same room and jointly review their current project portfolio, assess performance and identify future opportunities to drive improvement in environmental performance. The questions they ask themselves as part of this planning methodology are basic in nature and include:

  1. Where are the greatest opportunities to make a difference in environmental performance?
  2. Do we have the right mix of projects to deliver?

Every EPA planning meeting will be slightly different, a reflection of their history and scope, as well as the input they will receive from Associate Members and external stakeholders later in the year. In the last week of April I was lucky enough to attend the GHG planning session, followed by sessions for Land and Water in the last week of May.

The meetings were a powerful reminder of why COSIA is here - the value it can bring to its members, the oil sands sector and wider society. In the room we had the brightest minds from our member companies. The energy was high as participants shared ideas and challenged and supported each other. This was collaboration in action, COSIA at its cutting edge, with the decisions being made helping to shape technology innovation for decades to come.

But the impressive dynamic among these communities is not the entire story. For COSIA to be a long term success all those in a position to support our activities need to be aware of COSIA’s aims and objectives and how they can contribute to making them a reality. Nowhere is this more important than with our member company employees. In this issue of Collaborator you can get a glimpse of how our members are telling their COSIA story, from imaginative internal communication campaigns (Shell) to dedicated ‘open house’ engagements (Cenovus).

Outside of our member companies COSIA continues to tell its story, whether it be at engagements we organize directly (Water Conference) or indirectly (Globe 2014 and Zero 2014). What is clear, we cannot deliver on our objectives alone – we need strong and active partners.

In this vein I am pleased to see that Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency continues to grow from strength to strength – and I look forward to COSIA’s Director of Monitoring and his Working Group actively contributing to the continued development of a world leading monitoring, evaluation and reporting system.

I hope you enjoy reading the second issue of Collaborator – please get in touch via if you have any questions or feedback.

Dan Wicklum

Dr. Dan Wicklum, PhD. | Chief Executive 
Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance