Water Environmental Priority Area Update

Pit Lake Research

The members of COSIA’s Water EPA with mining operations are conducting research on pit lakes to ensure they have the best information possible for their pit lake reclamation plans.

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John Brogly

John Brogly
Director, Water EPA

The big highlight of last quarter for me was holding COSIA’s first ever Water Conference in Edmonton. It gave us a chance to find out what others are doing and fill them in on our work as well. I think we really saw the collaborative model gain some traction here – especially with attendees from the research community. I’m looking forward to seeing more collaborative efforts from everyone involved.

In Q2 we will be starting our In Situ Operator Site Visits. This will be the first time that we will be having members visiting other members’ sites under COSIA’s Water Environmental Priority Area (EPA) banner. The focus of these site visits will be to identify specific environmentally-focused technical challenges that one or more members are facing with their designs and operations. By bringing together the technical expertise of each of the member companies, we can address those challenges.

We will also be holding our strategic offsite meeting to revise and refine our Multi-Year Planwith the Water EPA Steering Committee. As we reach the final stages of developing COSIA’s first ever Performance Goal for in situ water intensity, we need to make sure that we have thought through what it will take to reach that Performance Goal and that we have a plan in place to achieve it.

As you can see it’s going to be a packed couple of months; I’ll let you know how it all goes in Q3!