Delivery and Performance in 2014

In addition to our regular content of cases studies, COSIA fundamentals, member, staff profiles, and the ways COSIA companies are integrating COSIA into their operations, I am pleased to use this issue to share with you an overview of COSIA’s second annual Performance Update event that took place on November 25th at the Telus Convention Centre, Calgary. The event gave the COSIA team the opportunity to discuss COSIA members’ 2014 performance with approximately 240 stakeholders within Government, Academia, the not for profit sector, media and the wider innovation community.

In 2014 COSIA companies:

  • began 68 new projects that cost over $200M
  • completed 61 projects, many of which are delivering real environmental benefits today
  • continued to manage a total of 228 active projects, worth nearly $400M
  • shared more environmental technologies bringing the total shared to 777 that cost more than $950M to develop

The event also enabled senior leadership from within COSIA member companies to reiterate their support for COSIA. This included the CEOs of Shell and Suncor providing their take on the role COSIA is playing in improving environmental performance within their own companies – now – today. We were also joined by a selection of senior Vice Presidents who sit on COSIA’s leadership team or Stakeholder Steering Committee to discuss what they thought 2015 held in store.

The key theme underpinning the entire event was COSIA’s 2014 delivery. Each EPA Director provided an overview of a selection of innovative projects that were begun, completed or significantly enhanced in 2014. The event also gave us an opportunity to highlight a couple of special achievements, namely the completion of our first Performance Goal and the release of our first COSIA Challenges. If you have a solution to a Challenge, COSIA companies are poised to partner with you. You can submit an idea for action to E-TAP, our project idea assessment portal.

Another key message I was keen to stress was COSIA cannot realize its vision alone, that COSIA’s collaborative model requires input from the greatest number of a diverse, actively engaged stakeholders as possible, all bringing their own unique perspectives to bear. This passion to engage with a wider audience was our motivation to broadcast the event online for the first time. This enabled another 240 guests from around the world to become actively engaged in the solutions development. Also, we are particularly pleased to have formal relationships with six “innovation hubs” or organizations that help communicate COSIA’s technical challenges to the world, and focus potential solutions that come back to COSIA companies.

If you missed the engagement the first time around you can view a recording of the entire event – with the ability to view any specific presentation of your choice, here.

Thank you for your continued interest in COSIA and for being part of the collaborative process. As always, if you have feedback, please contact us at


Dan Wicklum

Dr. Dan Wicklum, PhD. | Chief Executive 
Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance