Tailings Environmental Priority Area Update

Tailings Centrifugation

Shell is removing water from mature fine tailings by building on Syncrude’s contributed centrifuge technology.

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Jonathan Matthews

Jonathan Matthews
Director, Tailings EPA

This month COSIA said farewell to former Tailings Director Alan Fair who is retiring this month after a more than 30 year career in oil sands. We are also pleased to welcome Jonathan Matthews to the team as new Director of the Tailings Environmental Priority Area (EPA).

In addition to the change in leadership the Tailings EPA has had an exciting and productive year. With the help of Acting Tailings Director Phil Ruban, who has been overseeing the Tailings EPA during the transition from Alan to Jonathan, in 2014, Tailings members began 14 new projects and completed 20 projects.

The Tailings EPA will start 2015 with 42 active projects. That’s in addition to the over 100 projects completed by the member companies and the 117 technologies shared since the Tailings EPA’s inception.

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