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Suncor Energy and partners have approved plans to build new facility to test water treatment and recycling technologies.

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John Brogly

John Brogly
Director, Water EPA

Well! What a landmark year this has been for the Water EPA and for COSIA.

In 2014 we began 12 new projects and completed 20 projects. The Water EPA has currently 43 active. Since the EPA’s inception the companies have completed 26 projects and shared a total of 171 technologies.

But that’s nothing compared to this: we have signed off the Water EPA’s In Situ Performance Goal!

The release of COSIA’s first performance goal marks the realization of a commitment made at the launch of the organization in March 2012 to report publicly on its members’ efforts to improve their environmental performance through collaboration and innovation. The performance goals represent a level of transparency that is unprecedented within the Canadian oils sands sector and in other sectors globally.

The performance goal is an innovation tool, designed to enhance alignment and focus across COSIA member companies on the key deliverables that that they and their stakeholders believe have the greatest potential to support the Water EPA’s Aspiration to ”be world leaders in water management, producing Canadian energy with no adverse impact on water.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Water EPA Steering Committee as well as the members of COSIA’s Shareholder Steering Committee for their hard work in developing this goal. It took a lot of collaboration, cooperation and a willingness to think past company lines and think about a wider industry picture. The process has reflected everything that COSIA stands for and it’s been a pleasure to watch these companies work together for the greater purpose of improved environmental performance in Canada’s oil sands.

So, without further ado, the In Situ Water Performance Goal states that COSIA members with in situ operations will strive to (drumroll please…):

Reduce freshwater use intensity by 50 per cent by 2022.

Learn more about the Water EPA’s In Situ Performance Goal.

In order to help achieve this goal, we want mobilize the minds and resources of external stakeholders and global solutions providers. To do this, we have identified a number of COSIA Challenges that explicitly state the innovation requirements to fill the identified gaps in knowledge and technology within the Water EPA. If filled, these Gaps will ultimately support the achievement of our Aspiration and our Performance Goal. Technology ideas can be submitted directly to COSIA via the Environmental Technology Assessment Portal (E-TAP).

Learn more about COSIA Challenges.