March 31–April 2, 2015

COSIA Innovation Summit

Building on the success of the COSIA Water Conference last March, the Innovation Summit will provide an opportunity for COSIA member companies to showcase the good technical work being done within COSIA to “accelerating the pace of environmental performance improvement in the oil sands.”

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March 28–29, 2015

COSIA Clay Conference & Workshop

While 2015 will mark the first biennial COSIA Clay Workshop and Conference, it builds on three previous CONRAD Clay events over the past five years. COSIA is proud to continue building on that established reputation for best-in-class discussions on clay science in the oil sands industry in Alberta.

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Global GHG Innovation Challenge recognizes four winners

GE announced winners from India, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom in the first phase of a $1 million ecomagination Innovation Challenge. The winning submissions address alternative uses for waste heat in the SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage) oil extraction process, ultimately reducing GHG emissions.

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COSIA’s Land EPA shares work and interim results at the 2015 Land Workshop

Land EPA Director Jenna Dunlop visits with attendees at the 2015 Land Workshop.

Land EPA Director Jenna Dunlop visits with attendees at the 2015 Land Workshop.

On January 29 and 30, 2015 the Land Environmental Priority Area (EPA) held a workshop at the Conoco Philips Auditorium in Calgary. The event was attended by COSIA member companies as well as university researchers and students, government representatives, and other members of industry.

The main purpose of the workshop was for the EPA Steering Committee members to share information about work the members of the Land EPA have been doing over the past year to improve environmental performance in the oil sands. It was also an opportunity to create alignment within the member companies by inviting employees to see the work being done by other COSIA companies.

“By bringing some of these great projects to life we were able to generate valuable discussion and strengthen existing collaboration between our members, as well as our external stakeholders,” says Jenna Dunlop, COSIA’s Director of Land. “The event was also a forum for these groups to get to know each other better and potentially set the groundwork for future collaboration.”

The event consisted of a number of project presentations from COSIA member companies as well as posters, many from university graduate students outlining their perspectives on projects they had been involved in through the various Research Chair programs funded by the Land EPA.

“For me it was a great opportunity to get more detail on our members’ projects and get to know the university research leads,” say Jenna.

The information and feedback from the Land EPA Workshop will be used during the Land EPA’s planning session in Q2 to help develop priorities for the year ahead.