Land Environmental Priority Area Update

Nikanotee Fen

Suncor has constructed a 2.9 hectare fen and is now evaluating the success of that project, in order to improve industry’s ability to reclaim the most common wetland type in the oil sands region.

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Jenna Dunlop, PhD

Jenna Dunlop, Ph.D, MBA
Director, Land EPA

For me, the overarching theme for this quarter and for this year is organization and clarity. The first quarter of 2015 has been spent creating a snapshot of where the EPA is right now. This will act as a template for us moving forward and will help facilitate our strategic planning both in terms of the prioritization of opportunity areas and gaps, as well as the types of new projects that come online.

At the end January, the Land EPA held a workshop. This was an opportunity for the members of the EPA and me to get a full update on the 140 joint industry projects (JIP) that are currently underway in Land. It’s a great opportunity for the companies to assess the JIPs they’re involved in, as well as the ones they are not, so they can understand if the research could be of benefit to them and prompt them joining the JIP going forward.

I’m looking forward to the COSIA Innovation Summit, taking place in Banff, March 31 to April 2. A number of our university research chairs will be presenting on the work they are doing in collaboration with COSIA. Each of these chairs represents a different umbrella of research being undertaken. It will be great to have the heads of those research umbrellas showcase some of the work they are doing and highlight the progress they are making.

Over the course of the year, we will also be working to develop a number of Land EPA-specific COSIA Challenges to help articulate some of our research and technology needs. This will not only help our members focus their work, it will also help COSIA’s Associate Members and other external technology providers understand the specific technology and research needs of our EPA and focus their technology offerings and E-TAP submissions accordingly.

More on those later.