Issue 09 - April 2017

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COSIA and its member companies host and participate in events to advance our vision of accelerating environmental performance in Canada’s oil sands. Most recently, COSIA, Alberta Innovates and Natural Resources Canada co-hosted Oil Sands Innovation Summit 2017, to showcase new ideas, projects and programs for innovation in the oil sands.

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Monitoring PA: Quick response through collaboration

When research studies showed detectable levels of a rat poison in animals found within areas of oil sands activity, companies responded quickly by revisiting and restricting their use, and changing their rodent control methods. Kelly Munkittrick, director of COSIA’s Monitoring Priority Area, talks about how oil sands monitoring identified an issue and member companies acted quickly to address it.

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Tailings EPA: Centrifuge technology to treat mature fine tailings

John Brogly, COSIA’s director of Tailings, discusses collaboration and opportunity demonstrated at the Oil Sands Innovation Summit 2017. In the case study, learn more about how Shell is building on centrifuge technology contributed by Syncrude to treat mature fine tailings.

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Water EPA: Combining their knowledge, members find solutions to address fouling

Wayne Hillier, director of COSIA’s Water EPA discusses how the Water EPA’s sharing of operational best practices and new technologies helped identify multiple solutions for managing fouling and reducing water usage, cleaning chemicals, greenhouse gas emissions, downtime and costs. The case study digs into the EPA’s efforts to address the fouling of heat exchangers at in situ facilities.

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Land EPA: Stakeholders collaborate on solutions for caribou restoration

Jenna Dunlop, director of COSIA’s Land EPA, discusses the EPA’s multi-lever approach to addressing the issue of declining caribou populations. Learn more about the Caribou Conservation Breeding and Translocation Tools Workshop.

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GHG EPA: Co-gen technology producing electricity and steam

OSIA’s director of the Greenhouse Gases EPA, Jonathan Matthews, discusses carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage. This issue’s case study examines Gas Turbine Once Through Steam Generators (GT-OTSG), a co-generation technology that produces energy and steam.

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Canada's Innovation Brand: Enabling a whole new sector

Dan Wicklum discusses the recent announcement of the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre and how the oil sands are enabling a whole new sector of innovation in Canada.

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