Issue 10 - August 2017

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Connecting with innovators, academics, governments and the public

COSIA and its member companies host and participate in events to advance our vision of accelerating environmental performance in Canada's oil sands.

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COSIA teams with world's top scientists to accelerate study of fugitive emissions

'Bottom-up', 'Top-down' and even out of this world, top climate change scientists, industry, government and academia are exploring all angles to measure fugitive emissions in the oil sands.

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Unprecedented national and international collaboration in tailings pond reclamation research, happening in Alberta, leading to real results

Reducing the size and need for tailings ponds, and increasing the speed at which they can be reclaimed are ongoing challenges being addressed by the industry.

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New steam generation technology could eliminate GHG emissions and water treatment requirements in SAGD plants

New technology being tested by Suncor is like creating instant carbon capture and storage. That's just one of many promising potential benefits from this promising tech. Here's why.

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The oil sands industry has embraced holistic thinking around Boreal Forest reclamation

COSIA-member companies are part of a massive collaborative academic, government, multi-industry project known as FORWARD (Forest Watershed and Riparian Disturbance).

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‘Big and Bold’ effort will engage the world’s best minds in accelerating carbon dioxide reduction technologies

COSIA is intensifying its global outreach in the drive to find solutions that will reduce and ultimately eliminate carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions from Canada's oil sands.

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Towards a Common Ambition

COSIA extends its community, beyond the alliance, through the new Clean Resource Innovation Network.

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