Issue 11 - November 2017

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Connecting with innovators, academics, governments and the public

COSIA and its member companies host and participate in events to advance our vision of accelerating environmental performance in Canada's oil sands.

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Adaptive monitoring framework signals meaningful changes

When environmental change occurs, it is necessary to understand whether the difference was expected or unexpected, whether it is stable or getting worse, and whether the change is site-specific, local or regional in nature.

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A geotechnical time machine: cutting-edge beam centrifuge research reduces a 100-year study timeframe down to days

Beam centrifuge, a key part of the U of A's Geomechanical Reservoir Experimental Facility (GeoREF), is advancing research into a range of hydrocarbon recovery solutions.

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Could petroleum coke, a byproduct of upgrading and a material that is almost pure carbon, be used to treat tailings?

Just as a home water filter absorbs chemicals present in drinking water, research shows petroleum coke can filter out suspended solids. This technology could play a critical role accelerating the rate of tailings reclamation.

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‘Build it and they will come’: challenging conventional wisdom sparks a breakthrough in wetland restoration

Suncor's pioneering fen reconstruction project points the way to more biodiverse mine reclamation practices.

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COSIA scours the world for potential GHG solutions

A new series of competition challenges is helping outside innovators find a path to the oil sands industry. Two of these innovators share their experience with COSIA sponsored ARCTIC Spring Challenges.

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Innovation comes in many forms, and not all of them are predictable

Our member companies are now fully prepared to innovate and collaborate in ways that could potentially change the trajectory of the planet.

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