Issue 12 - June 2018

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Connecting with innovators, academics, governments and the public

COSIA and its member companies host and participate in events to advance our vision of accelerating environmental performance in Canada's oil sands.

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COSIA's first Tailings Challenge, widening the circle for solutions

Dealing with soft tailings is one of the most complex challenges facing the oil sands industry. COSIA members launch their first Tailings Challenge designed to encourage outside-the-box thinking.

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Sophisticated system for regional groundwater modelling ensures water sustainability in the oil sands region

Comprehensive predictive modelling using elastic cloud computing allows COSIA members to process data faster, account for multiple scenarios for water use to ensure prudent water stewardship for decades to come.

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A little vegetation makes a big difference; restoration strategies that discourage wolf traffic to recover caribou

University of Alberta researcher Melanie Dickie captured and fitted wolves with radio collars that sent GPS signals every five minutes, to closely track wolves' locations, movements and speeds over a two-year period.

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From ground to air to space: COSIA members are seeking year-round ground-to-air-to-satellite monitoring of emissions

Better measurement means better management. COSIA members are pursuing every avenue for measuring area fugitive emissions at tailings ponds and mine faces across the oil sands region.

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COSIA is proud to play a vital role in this thriving innovation ecosystem

I am privileged to work alongside and witness firsthand the remarkable talent that some of Canada’s brightest engineers, scientists and business people bring to solving the challenges associated with developing our energy resources.

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